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Dear business partners,

in connection with the maintenance of the quality management system according to STN EN ISO 9001 and STN EN ISO 13485 as amended in our organization and the effort to continuously improve and enhance customer service, we kindly ask you to fill out this questionnaire in order to obtain feedback.

Questionnaire for the customer

Evaluation of the BIOGEMA Košice product supplier

  • Rate from 1 to 5

How to evaluate business cooperation with representatives of the organization?

How satisfied are you with the current way of ordering products?

How satisfied are you with ordering products through our website?

How satisfied are you with the promptness and form of product delivery?

How satisfied are you with the quality of the products?

To what extent are you satisfied with the documentation supplied with the delivered products?

How do you evaluate the warnings in the documentation regarding the safety of diagnostic kit processing?

How satisfied are you with the procedure for dealing with adverse events? (Please fill in only in case of a possible complaint)

How satisfied are you with being informed about news, new products at seminars, conferences?

Were there any complications with the use of medical devices supplied by BIOGEMA?