About us


  •  Košice was established as a production cooperative in Košice, Slovakia in 1988. It has a long-term tradition in the field of development and manufacturing of health-care diagnostic kits and it has reached a firm position in the Slovak market. The field of business of the cooperative is the production and distribution of diagnostic aids.
  • BIOGEMA Košice has been focusing on its own know-how, the development of the ELISA diagnostic kits for the identification of specific antibodies of food allergens. We have been expanding our international activities – we have enhanced our product scale with one-stepscreening tests aimed at pregnancy-testing, proving the presence of drugs in urine and other biochemical tests.
  • BIOGEMA Košice is a small but stable company, which employs mostly graduate professionals. Their work ensures the satisfaction of our business partners by delivering quality products with a high added value.
  • In 2004, BIOGEMA Košice has deployed a quality management system based on the EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 standards. With this quality management system we guarantee that we treat all of our clients professionally and provide standard quality products, marked with CE labels.
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