A one-step test to detect cannabinoids in human urine

Cannabinoids, mainly THC – tetra-hydrocannabinol – are effective substances, which are found mainly in the tips and the flowers of the female cannabis plants – marijuana – and a in sticky resin of these – hashish. THC is a hallucinogen, it causes relaxation, good mood, euphoria. The metabolites of cannabis are used in the treatment of acute glaucoma and sickness during chemotherapy. Higher levels cause a damage of the central nervous system, loss of coordination, sudden loss of memory, anxiety, paranoia, depressions, hallucinations, an increase in heart frequency. Marijuana is metabolized in the liver and excluded from the body in urine as 11-nor-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid and its glucoronide. This a screening test, it is fast and accurate, it detects the presence of THC and its carboxylic metabolites in human urine at concentrations above 50 ng/ml, even 4 to 7 days after drug use.