A one-step test to detect methamphetamine in human urine

Methamphetamine is a strong sympathomimetic drug used in human therapy. Acute use in higher doses leads to the stimulation of the central nervous system, euphoria, increased levels of awareness, energy and strength. Overdosing leads to anxiety, paranoia, psychotic behavior and heart arrhythmia. The psychotic behavior caused by overdosing is difficult to differentiate from schizophrenia. 40% of the methamphetamine entering the body leaves it in urine, unchanged; the rest in the form of amphetamine and its oxidative and deaminated derivatives. The presence of methamphetamine in urine therefore is signal of using the substance. This a screening test, it is fast and accurate, it detects the presence of methamphetamine in human urine at concentrations above 500 ng/ml, even 5 days after drug use.