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HCG pregnancy test

The HCG test is a simple test for the qualitative detection of the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin – beta-hCG  in urine. This method uses a combination of a conjugate (monoclonal antibody – coloring agent) and a polyclonal antibody connected to the solid phase to identify hCG in the tested sample at a high precision. It is possible to determine a level of 25 IU.l-1 in urine in 3 minutes. The sample ascends through the membrane on the strip, while the marked conjugate creates an antigen / antibody complex with the hCG (if it is present in the sample). This complex creates a binding to the antibody placed in the positive reaction zone and it creates a pink bar, if the concentration of hCG in the sample exceeds 25 IU.l-1. If hCG is not present in the sample, no colored bar will appear. The reaction blend goes on ascending. The conjugate, which has not achieved reaction, creates a binding in the control zone, where it forms a pink bar; this proves that the test has been carried out correctly.


  • The test is intended for in vitro use.
  • The test strip is intended for a single use only.