The ELISA-anti-OVALBUMIN IgA, IgG kits are aimed at the semi-quantitative determination of IgA and IgG class antibodies against ovalbumin – a substance found in egg white – in human serum. Eggs are consumed by humans very often. Research has shown that the proteins of egg white can trigger allergy in people oversensitive to them. Today, we now about 40 different egg white proteins; however, only three of them are main allergens: ovalbumin, ovomucoid and ovotransferrin. The largest part of the hen egg protein complex is ovalbumin, therefore it has the greatest importance in triggering allergic reactions in oversensitive people. The body produces various antibodies of specific classes against ovalbumin. The levels of IgA, IgG and IgE antibodies rise. Ovalbumin allergy presents itself with various symptoms – these are mostly digestion problems, vomiting, spasms, blisters, eczema, face edema, asthma, etc. Egg-allergy may be present by both children and adults, too.


  • Break-apart strips pre-coated with antigen
  • Negative control sample
  • Cut off control sample
  • Positive control sample
  • Conjugate
  • TMB substrate
  • Diluent solution
  • Wash solution
  • Sulfuric acid