The ELISA-anti-LACTOSE IgA, IgG kits are aimed at the semi-quantitative determination of IgA and IgG class antibodies against a cow milk sugar – lactose – in human serum. Cow milk is one of the potential food allergens, i.e. protein-like substances producing pathological conditions in oversensitive individuals – these may be characterized by an abnormal response of the human immune system.  One of the reasons for milk intolerance is lactose intolerance. The intolerance of lactose – or milk sugar – is attributed to the deficiency of lactase – an enzyme, which allows the human body to reabsorb this saccharide. There are three types of lactase deficiencies: innate lactase deficiency (the symptoms of intolerance appear soon after birth), secondarily decrease in lactase activity in case of some diseases of the intestines, and primary decrease in lactase activity. The disease appears in adult individuals, who have not proven to be lactose intolerant in their young years. The decrease in lactase activity with sensitive individuals occurs probably due to the decreased level of expression of a specific gene.


  • Break-apart strips pre-coated with antigen
  • Negative control sample
  • Cut off control sample
  • Positive control sample
  • Conjugate
  • TMB substrate
  • Diluent solution
  • Wash solution
  • Sulfuric acid