The ELISA-anti-DNP IgG kit is aimed at the quantitative determination of IgG class antibodies against deoxyribonucleoprotein in human serum.
Antibodies acting against deoxyribonucleoprotein are one of the three major antibody groups found in high concentration in the serum of patients with diffuse diseases of connective tissue – the most typical being systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). DNP is the codename of the result gained by repeated extraction of cell nuclei in a physiological solution, in which it is insoluble. The ingredients of this are: DNP, histones and non-histone proteins. It doesn't include extractible ribonucleoprotein nucleotic antigens. The antinuclear antibodies, identified on the tissue sections or the cell stamps using an indirect fluorescence technique differ from the anti-DNP antibodies in that they contain antibodies even against these extractible antigens of the cell nuclei. The DNP itself is better defined in the nucleozomes, the basic building blocks of chromatin.


  • Break-apart strips pre-coated with antigen
  • Negative control sample
  • Positive control sample
  • Standards:  0 – 6,25 – 12,5 – 25 – 50 – 100 U.ml-1
  • Conjugate
  • TMB substrate
  • Diluent solution
  • Wash solution
  • Sulfuric acid